Weston Mill Jetty

We have just completed the structural design, fabrication & protective coating of the Weston Mill Jetty in Plymouth for Kemada Ltd. The existing Pump Station was in need of an upgrade. In addition, there was a requirement to install new pumps and a maintenance platform with steel support frames and fenders.

Structural Design

WMJ Design

Underhill was commissioned to design the proposed Finger Jetty Pump Platform steelworks, booster pumps, jib crane, pipework and associated mechanical & electrical works. As an Execution Class 2 structure, all design and fabrication work undertaken by Underhill was in accordance with our own strict Factory Production Controls and BS EN 10290 & NSSS-5 CE Marking.

Frame Fabrication

WMJ Coated

Due to the location of the structure, Underhill needed to consider water ingress and subsequent accelerated corrosion concerns. As such, all box sections were fully closed by welded cap plates, with small gaps filled with welds. All welds were dressed with spatters removed. Our in-house Responsible Weld Coordinators managed all welding procedures, NDT, MPI and Visual Inspection.

Industrial Protective Coating

Hot Metalisation

Corrosion engineering & protection was a critical driver throughout this waterside based project. With the steel frame to be located in the water and supporting steelwork near the water’s edge, all surfaces were shot blast to SA 2ó removing all mill scale, rust and foreign matter, followed by a hot metallisation process, prior to painting. Underhill’s inspection and quality regime was tightly controlled throughout the coating process. This level of control enabled us to provide a minimum 20 year lifespan before periodic maintenance is required.


WMJ Painting

Finally after all the work had been complete we were able to move on to the installation The Supply & Installation of the fenders, Fire Booster Jetty & equipment, a 2 tonne SWL JIB Crane & Hoist system.



Client Feedback

“Underhill staff maintained professional standards throughout the package of work.”

Defence Contractor