Underhill Industrial Coatings offer two key methods for all your surface protection needs and by using our team of experts to identify the best solution you can rest assured that you are in safe hands and that the job in hand will be done to the highest standard, but with value in mind for both the short term & long term.

At Underhill Industrial Coatings we use two surface preparation methods, the first being Metallisation (or Hot Metal Spraying) as it is sometimes known, is a coating process where a wide range of metals can be sprayed onto the surface of another material. The second method used is Galvanising, Galvanising is one of the more common forms of corrosion protection and is the process of coating iron and steel with a layer of zinc by immersing the metal in a bath of molten zinc.

 Industries catered for at Underhill Industrial Coatings, include; Fabrication, Engineering, Marine, Mechanical, Defence, Infrastructure (Road, Rail & Utilities)


Our facility specialises in Aluminium and Zinc arc spraying – as preferred by most industries that are associated with hostile environments.  Zinc metal spraying provides a long life coating of 20-30 years, whilst Aluminium spray will give a superior finish to zinc in sea and saline conditions.

Our metallisation process is completed in-house by certified operatives. In addition, when the scope deviates from our normal operating procedures, we seek advice from our external metallisation experts, enabling Underhill to deliver the most complex of corrosion protection solutions.  Our equipment is supported with various DFT thickness gauges and deflected spray extension to ensure a smooth application which meets industry and customer-specific requirements. 


One of the more common forms of corrosion protection, galvanisation is the process of coating iron and steel with a layer of zinc by immersing the metal in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of around 450°C.

Underhill works with a certified partner to ensure all galvanised steelwork is produced to British Standards whether double or vertical dipped. The benefits of galvanised steel include: a durable permanently bonded tough coat, an easy to clean surface & an extended life-span (50 years).

Client Feedback

“Underhill staff maintained professional standards throughout the package of work.”

Defence Contractor