Underhill Industrial Coatings have an exclusive facility and extensive range of the latest technology surface preparation equipment, encompassing UHP water jetting (hydro-blasting), abrasive (wet and dry) blasting and mechanical (power tools). Our resources give us the capability to undertake all sizes of projects and provide the most effective tailored solution to meet the project requirements.

Surface preparation is an essential process prior to the application of any coating and is therefore one of the most important factors in the success of a corrosion protection, as the durability of the coating is significantly affected when the coating can not adhere properly to the surface of the material being used.

Standard grades of cleanliness for abrasive blast cleaning in accordance with BS EN ISO 8501-1 

The surface preparation process not only cleans the steel, but also introduces a suitable surface profile and amplitude to receive the protective coating. High build paint coatings and thermally sprayed metal coatings need a coarse angular surface profile to provide a mechanical key. This is achieved by using grit abrasives.

Industries catered for at Underhill Industrial Coatings, include; Fabrication, Engineering, Marine, Mechanical, Defence, Infrastructure (Road, Rail & Utilities)

In-House Surface Abrasion

Underhill has two surface preparation booths to avoid cross-contamination of blast media. One dedicated shot-blast booth and a secondary abrasion unit for other forms of blasting.

Blast media is cleaned and recycled by our automated under floor grit recovery system to minimise media losses. This process enables us to reduce waste and in turn minimise overall costs and benefit the environment.

​From our Plymouth-based facility, we offer Our Shot Blasting (cleaned to SA 2.5 or SA 3), Mechanical preparation (paint abrasion to ST3) & High Pressure & Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting

On-Site Abrasion

ICATS trained, our Site operatives can be trusted to deliver to the same quality standards that our in-house facility operates to.

With a portable tent, our on-site abrasion operatives are suitably qualified and experienced to carry-out the following techniques:

Our On-Site operation offers Shot Blasting, Mechanical Paint Abrasion & HP & UHP Water Blasting – a dust free solution .

Client Feedback

“Underhill staff maintained professional standards throughout the package of work.”

Defence Contractor