Corrosion Inspection is crucial way to determine the current integrity of a structure from both a functional and safety perspective. By performing corrosion tests, we arm our Customers with the information required to create a meaningful plan to mitigate the negative effects of corrosion.

Inspection forms an integral part of quality control. Its purpose is to check that the requirements of the specification are being complied with and to provide a report with proper records to the client. One of the greatest assets to the coating inspector is a clear written specification that can be referred to without doubt, therefoe the appointment of an appropriately qualified third party inspector should be seen as an investment in quality and not just an additional cost.

The Inspection of the processes, procedures and materials required for the protective coating of steel structures is vital, since a major error in even one operation cannot be easily detected after the next operation has been carried out, and if not rectified immediately can significantly reduce the expected life to first maintenance.

Beyond a visual external inspection, our Paint Managers at Underhill Industrial Coatings can arrange for an in-depth corrosion test to be performed. Working with an approved, specialist sub-contractor, we will conduct the survey, inspection and testing in virtually any industry sector, not limited to;  Fabrication, Engineering, Marine, Mechanical, Defence, Infrastructure (Road, Rail & Utilities).

Client Feedback

“Underhill staff maintained professional standards throughout the package of work.”

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